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Spanish spelling was altered in to reflect the changed pronunciation: To avoid confusion for Spanish speakers in the United States, a literal translation from English is recommended.

The https: Log in Sign up. Voice Translator App. Ella me dijo que solo era un rumor. Jena, Germany: Translation Tips. Hay varias maneras, entonces, para expresarlo.

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Quien dijo amigos Advertisements. You have now said it, and it will be done because you have said it. The punchline here is that te echo , when said fast, sounds like techo , i. National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

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Have a suggestion, idea, or comment? Linked 1. So a nightmarish posada is a posadilla. It's certainly spoken by some beautiful people.

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Estados Unidos 2 Incorrect Use: For me, "tratarse de" is more periphrastic way of saying "to be", emphasizing the fact that your intention is merely to describe what you are going to expose, but avoiding the phrase to be poor because of using an attributive verb. Size Already here: