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South Africa: Overcoming Apartheid

Steve set up the Ginsberg Educational Fund, which provided bursaries for students, many of them going to Fort Hare University. But already, in October, two attorney-generals, of the Transvaal and the Eastern Cape, announced that there would be no criminal proceedings related to the findings of the inquest.

The leaders who replaced those banned in March were in turn banned in August of the same year. In Steve was arrested and detained for days — but he was not charged or put on trial.

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Biko and Donald Woods. Nothing can justify the arrogant assumption that a clique of foreigners has the right to decide on the lives of majority.

On 12 September , the Black Consciousness leader Steve Biko died while in the custody of security police With the emergence of the BCM, several White commentators and institutions reacted to the development of what they saw as a separatist Black grouping that conformed to the wishes of Apartheid plans for an intensified segregation.

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Steve Biko

Newspapers reported that Steve had sustained brain damage. Harry Nengwekhulu , who had left the country after he was banned in March , was tasked with securing a meeting with the leader of the ANC in exile. Steve had a good relationship with Tyamzashe, who was a composer of choral music which Steve was drawn to. Soon after his release, Biko met American Senator Dick Clark in December , one of a string of diplomats who wanted to get a sense of Black thinking at the time.

Convoys in the major cities were stopped even before they set out for the funeral. Dr Ivor Lang could find nothing wrong with Steve on 7 September. A severe crackdown on BC activists followed the uprising. Biko approached Saths Cooper and Strini Moodley to join the second steering committee, which met again in Dube and later at Wentworth in May Nevertheless, he continued going to classes at Lovedale, where he became friends with Barney Pityana , who was at the school on an Andrew Smith bursary.

Steve was close to Sonwabo Yengo, who lived in Zaula Street, where they would have gumbas parties. Mokoape was against remaining in NUSAS, while Steve argued that it was useful to belong to the organisation — because of its resources, if not for any other reason. Biko was devastated. With funding from Rev.

Stephen Bantu Biko

He was faced with a difficult task: Newspapers all over the world after September 12, , reported Biko's death. A law student at Fort Hare University, Pityana was one of many students later expelled from that university, in This led to repeated detentions and caused him to be placed in security over and over again. Steve wanted to meet with Neville Alexander and with his BC counterparts in the city.