How Can I Get a Job at the Front Lines of the Marines?

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These 10 jobs offer Marines an instant shot at promotion

March Active Duty Cutting Anything in the wing. Retrieved from http: Left because I wanted to settle down and not deal with being deployed and married. Looks pretty bad. Also, candidates must be able to obtain a Secret security clearance. Apr 28, But during my time in service i learned more about construction and also how to drive some vehicles and operate an MTL.

The most enjoyable part of my job was being able to train young and eager Marines regardless of how our "Management" was running things, it was nice to know that so many people look up to you and respect you when you are fare and work hard along side them.

What are some MOS's that translate well into the civilian world?

If worn by a Marine officer, the presence of this medal indicates the officer was once an enlisted Marine. Hard work long days at times. Their are no typical days at work, between classes, training, and field operations. Was this page helpful?

What's After Boot™

There are a few catches, though. Outstanding Marines. Best thing I ever did. Marine Corps assault breacher vehicle engineers work in bridging activities under fire and serve as a part of combined arms assault task forces.

Job Options When Joining the Marine Corps

Zachary Kapinus, a platoon Sgt. Radio Operators. The hardest part of the job was the constant stress that comes with the military life style. Mar 12, Messages: Dude forget what the Army douche told you.

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U.S. Marine Corps Employee Reviews for Combat Engineer

Officer Range Officer: Showing top 8 civilian careers similar to this code. That's important to keep bear in mind when considering particularly difficult schools with high washout rates, such as Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command. Personnel assigned this military occupational specialty MOS are taught carpentry and other construction skills as well as demolitions, specialized demolitions for urban breaching and land mine warfare.

Unlike civilian police officers, Marine Corps Military Police also serve as resettlement and interment officials. Heck, that would be the equivlant of me trying to talk someone out of being a mechanic, because they are always 'dirty' and it's something I can't do.

They were born again — After the Revolutionary War, the Marine Corps was disbanded and went dark for 15 years. Retrieved from " https: If you're looking for the quickest possible route to front line combat service with the Marine Corps, then enlist in an infantry MOS. Good job to start out from high School.