Stop Ahead Combo: Slithering Slam Kombo. Predator has a secret brutality in Hunter where instead of skinning the opponent, they turn into a skeleton.

Mortal Kombat X - Fatalities and Brutalities for Every Character Feature Prima Games

Playing next. Shao Kahn's Hammer. Speed Bag kombo. I read that Reptile's Tongue Slap Brutality doesn't need you to input Tongue Slap three times during the match, you can just do it once at the end of the match.

Spider Tunnels -7 , January 12, at 3: Soul Charge. Brutalities were not very popular, as they were extremely difficult to accomplish, requiring the player to memorize and perform a special hit combo. Double Spear.

Outworld Marketplace Blanche Brutality 1 - Strike opponent with brazer and barrel. No other requirements necessary. DragonSkull DragonSkull. Sonyas brutality is a conundrum wrapped in an enigma never to be solved forever alone forever forgotten Ah ok it's been awhile.

Back and sassier than before. Smoke went farther with his Fatality, since he destroys the whole planet and every living being on it with giant bombs. SK's Tomb 1 , 14 N. Was this guide helpful? Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved May 30, Syzoth likes this. SK's Tomb. Mortal Kombat, the dragon logo and all character names are trademarks and copyright of Warner Bros.

Ireland Rank Mortal Posts 2 Likes 0 received 0 given. Requires Ninjitsu Variant. Dead Woods , 8.

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