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Any arrangements for hotel accommodation, meals, refreshments, admissions to or for the use of premises, vehicles including coaches , trains, ferries, aircraft or other means of conveyance operated by persons or bodies other than the Company are made by the Company as agent for and on behalf of the passenger, on the express condition that the Company shall not be liable for any loss, damage, injury, delay or inconvenience howsoever caused to the passenger as a result of any such arrangements for such matters or use thereof.

A ticket bearing a valid reservation reference provides travel between the points shown on the date s and at the departure time s shown on the ticket. Bus drivers provide passenger assistance for their baggage but are not obliged to lift baggage. A parent or a guardian traveling with a child is obliged to provide a car safety seat on their own. Prohibited baggage Terravision is not obliged to carry: Seat reservations Passengers who wish to reserve a seat on a specific trip must reserve the seat online through the online booking system prior to the requested departure date.

Should a Passenger be late for a given ride due through their own fault or as a result of a delayed arrival, the Ticket cannot be return. Content available on the Site has been prepared with due care and based on the best knowledge of the authors, but they are for informational purposes only.

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Zasady korzystania z Serwisu Internetowego 1. We reserve the right to refuse to carry in the hold more than two medium sized 70 x 30 x 45 cm suitcases, rucksacks or similar package of luggage weighing not more than 20kgs each and more than one small bag inside the coach.

The Carrier shall not be liable for any delays resulting from fortuitous events and traffic events beyond their control. For round trip tickets, the trip is considered terminated after leaving the vehicle on the return trip. Baggage content shall be examined and, where considered hazardous or perishable, disposed within 48 hours of its finding. When you have to change coaches If it is necessary to change coaches you will be responsible for your transfer between stops and for the transfer of your luggage.

The price for the Service requested depends on the area of Drop-off. If we have reason to suspect the fraudulent use of an e-Ticket, we reserve the right to confiscate or otherwise invalidate it and prevent you from travelling on our services. Tadeusz Maria Zielonka Pomoc chorym w stanach terminalnych Art.

No Smoking policy. This transfer may be a shared with other customers. The message should have an original receipt attached and in the case of a lack, the invoice cannot be issued.

Seat reservations are subject to availability on single trips.

W Europie nastawienie do telemedycyny jest konserwatywne. Furthermore, the Company may not be deemed liable in any way for any direct communication of your personal or sensitive information of any other nature in Site sections dedicated to Forums. The Company is also entitled to request any passenger to open any article of luggage for inspection by the driver or other authorised employee of the Company in the presence of the passenger if, for reasons of security, the Company considers it necessary to do so.

In the case of journeys made on the route referred to in paragraph 9, the Carrier is entitled to substitute for the purpose of carriage coach or bus not equipped with monitors when bus equipped with monitors is unavailable for reasons of service.

Although the information contained on this site is as updated and correct as possible, Terravision may not be held liable for losses or damages, direct or indirect, due to this information.

You must notify this by email at least 24 hours before the transfer. They are delayed by 15 minutes. PayPal Europe S. However, such a change may be introduced only if there are still seats available for the new journey indicated by a Passenger.

A Passenger who uses the Wi-Fi service is its User. Julian Kornobis. Pobieraj darmowe porady o skutercznym marketingu na eMail.