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July 4, at 9: You need to be mature, intelligent, and responsible. You can pm him ingame or take it to the forums. Minecraft PE Maps. Disruptive posting: Compass Navigator - Simplify travel for your players!

Email Required, but never shown. July 6, at You may not attack anyone at any time for any reason.

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April 7, at Yes 8. The people wants to see also once new projects. It is all my birthday on July 7th and it would make me feel amazing to be a guard 2. I can't sell items in groups smaller than 64? I would ask any other guards around if they have any evidence and unless he has evidence eg screenshot I tell him that sadly their is nothing I can do about it.

Sorry, this is a prison. Next Thread. The fourm site is very simple and unique and the quality of content is very excellent.

Prison Life [Minigame]

Minecraft Mod Showcase: Some players consider this a rude practice, and that it defeats the point of a server being public or free-build. You can apply for guard in the application below. Are the watchtower is the houses. This site works best with JavaScript enabled.

Nathangorr 5 days, 6 hours ago. B30 says: Theoddonesout says: Please help, editor. Update 1. If you attack someone who was attacking you, you are in just as much trouble as they are.

To do this, create a 3x3 square with the middle block empty, this will be a funnel to direct the lava, one you have it facing down the lava will fall straight down, make sure that where it lands you have the block missing so that rather than spreading into the cell it'll just stop. Nothing because you did not see it happen 6.