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There is no bullshit; for him a spade is always a spade, which is at times disappointing for me. As the turn-of-the-century began in America, Harpers Bazaar began featuring both illustrations and photographs for its covers and inside features of society and increasingly of fashion. There was a time in India when you never saw a photograph of an IB chief. Kao3 and M. Then the Peshawar school incident,6 which was a nasty one. The magazine lasted until when it was closed, the Caravan magazine was revived in and since its first issue in it is published from New Delhi, India, by Delhi Press.

On our side, the Pakistani side, most of the time we dealt with the development from event to event, as a person saw it fit, not clear till late what actually happened, how far it would go.

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Indeed they can bomb a lot; but that is about all they can. When the idea of a joint project was first mooted by Peter Jones at one of our Track-II meetings in Istanbul, the General laughed and said nobody would believe us even if we wrote fiction. And what did independence mean anyway?

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The managing editor called The Caravan an editorial success, not a business success, the audience for The Caravan was described as the pop intelligentsia. Not a word. No , S. It was not a complete surprise, one knew about him and the tenures on the other side. A home secretary and a cabinet secretary could make things difficult for you. Parimal Gardens, Off C. If people think they will get exploited and misused, they get scared. Bank Of Baroda, Surat.

Such people had known about commotion in Kashmir. It wants to highlight a particular personality or period or contribution. Before you met Mr Dulat, had either of you met counterparts from the opposite agency? Some think the ISI is powerful enough to order everyone to fall in line. Even after the recent Westminster4 attack they approached it calmly, methodically.

But then the Cold War was over and we had to change our objectives in the region, and the ISI was key to that. On this visit he finished up his work in four-five days.

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The move to ISI was also accidental. Yet Afghan generals come and say, you think we are your fifth or sixth province, kya baat kar rahe ho? But it was a lost effort. So be careful. Filmindia was one of the few Indian fan magazines sold in Western countries and it had its Indian publication office in Bombay and had offices both in Calcutta and London.