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Read the rest on Tap by Wattpad — our new app! Try the Desygner App. Wattpad in a nutshell Wattpad has been referred to as the Youtube of writing because of the way it enables authors to share their work with the world.

Is there anyway I can get it back? Then you could increase to 10, then 20, then 40 or at a slower pace, again, depending on interest. Select 'Create new story' to make a new story or, if you've already started a story, click 'Edit another story'.

In my experience as a Wattpad user the more active you are on forums and commenting on books, the more reads you get. You are amazing! It can't get any easier than this.

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Would I receive a notification if someone were to add my book or other work to their library? We have published an article about copyright and plagiarism which may help shed some light on this issue for you: Readers are allowed to rate and comment on whatever they are reading, giving authors a chance to refine their work or test out new ideas for characters or story development.

If lost or misplaced, please talk to WattCon staff or contact wattcon wattpad. The ability for storytellers to share their works with a global audience and the opportunity to build a mobile library of free books is something many people around the world want. Along with these is a button with your profile picture and your username. Read more Read less. Wattpad writers will see their stories turned into books, films, and tv shows.

All included. Regards, a wattpad writer.

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Hi, one thing that the article did not mention is that authors should also be thick skinned. Method 4. Find millions of free stories you'll love, take your library with you wherever you go, be entertained and inspired by stories. It was so perfect too!

Check your notifications for anyone new followers and always thank them and follow them back. Did this article help you? Will she get critisiscism s? We publish on Amazon this weekend so it will be very interesting to see if Wattpad makes a difference! Please i need the answer soon.

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Comment your answers down below! Publishers no doubt prefer it to amazon self publishing because less self published books are for sale, competing with theirs. Also is there anyway i can communicate with other authors and readers on wattpad? This list is purely based on my opinion.