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Notify me of new comments via email. Streaming Choices- In the U. Many more were considered lost until recovered from various sources, mostly overseas broadcasters. Retrieved 23 October Between approximately and , large quantities of videotape and film stored in the BBC's Engineering department and film libraries, respectively, were wiped or destroyed to make way for newer programmes.

The Highlanders.

The Enemy of the World – Loose Cannon Reconstructions The Doctor Who Mind Robber

You can also use this information or Wikipedia to create Excel spreadsheets and the like. The Power of the Daleks". All recent searches will be deleted.

To complete the serial for DVD, the episode was manually colourised by Stuart Humphryes and Peter Crocker [82] — thereby returning the final Pertwee episode to its original colour presentation.

Special Edition DVD. Retrieved 8 October Retrieved 13 December Daily Mirror. Should you not even try? The Doctor Who Mind Robber.

The Evil of the Daleks – Loose Cannon Reconstructions

The missing episodes span 26 serials, including 10 full serials. The only portion of the episode still in existence, bar a few poor-quality silent 8mm clips, is the final 27 seconds, comprising the regeneration itself and a few seconds leading up to it. Lost in Time [29] Ep 1—2, 4—6: See all 3 brand new listings.

Doctor Who is generally divided between two time periods: Retrieved 2 March Episodes missing from Britbox include some Dalek-centric stories where licensing is in dispute. It includes one serial from each era of the various Doctors.

The sequence had been shown in a episode of Blue Peter , and was retained in that show's archive. Consequently, recordings whose repeat rights had expired were considered to be of no further domestic use to the broadcasters. Eventually, every master videotape of the programme's first episodes —69 was destroyed or wiped.

Invasion of the Dinosaurs. In most cases they failed to do so properly, allowing the colour recovery process to work.

The Enemy of the World – Loose Cannon Reconstructions

By contrast, the less well-sold Season 4 has no complete serials, while Season 5 has only two complete serials The Tomb of the Cybermen and The Enemy of the World. Cyprus did not screen The Reign of Terror broadcasts ended with the showing of episode six of The Sensorites on 25 November Loose Cannon. Retrieved 19 May In the years since the BBC archive was first audited in , a number of episodes then absent have been returned from various sources. Season 4 cont'd. Retrieved 8 May Zones named in the serial include the Central European, African and Australasian.

In September it was announced that the completely missing serial The Power of the Daleks would be animated and released via the BBC Store on 5 November , the 50th anniversary of the serial's first broadcast, before it was released on DVD 21 November [] and Blu-ray 6 February This post was originally published January 1, Retrieved 12 May