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Start your free trial. The War Machines Unused Clips Go to episode selection, and episode 2, click right to highlight a Green Doctor Who Logo, you will see a few unused clips of a War Machine attacking soldiers, minus sound. The years seen in this section may seem decidedly "off". Nick Courtney. Doctor Who TV Movie The Three Doctors.

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Marsh was married to Third Doctor actor Jon Pertwee from to By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Last Christmas. Only two of the four episodes are held in the BBC archives; two remain missing. A different version of the final episode of the previous story The Web Planet featured a caption with "Next Week: She is infuriated and tells her brother she will never consent.

Notably, while most of the episodes in the set were given a new transfer directly from their film prints for restoration, "The Lion" was not as the existing print was very heavily damaged and putting the print through the telecine process was seen as an undesirable risk.

Animation Adventure Sci-Fi. While some are pointless others are nice. Ian pays off Ibrahim with El Akir's money and leaves for Jaffa on his horses. He makes Ibrahim take him to Lydda under pain of death.

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This page was last edited on 8 February , at Photo Gallery. Documentaries, Specials, Short Films, and other Videos. Rewind to the beginning to get a studio countdown clock from that episode. Downtime — The Lost Worlds of Doctor Who combines archive interviews and articles along with over forty new interviews conducted by the author in order to tell the story of these dramas and their impact and influence, and to celebrate the dedication and ingenuity of fandom.

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