The 50 best Doctor Who moments

As our heroes make their escape we pan down to the cloak as it starts to move and a hideous claw emerges.

Later, she gets a nice wedding and a lottery ticket — small compensation for losing the best part of her identity. Because for her one season, the Doctor was Earthbound, she has the curious distinction of being the only regular companion who never once set foot inside the TARDIS at least, not on screen.

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Victoria, if anything happened to you, I'd never forgive myself. Metallic claws cut through the seal as the Cybermen emerge from their pods.

Ian Chesterton William Russell. As the New Year begins a terrifying evil is stirring, from across the centuries of Earth's history. Steven Taylor. Had a habit of getting stuck down gentle slopes and being attacked by entirely stationary animals.

See more: I'd like to see a butterfly fit into a chrysalis case after it spreads its wings. Kinja is in read-only mode. A monster crab-claw reaches into the frame and snips at him. This capacity for flight was hinted at three years earlier in Revelation of the Daleks but that looked rather like a badly done visual effect.

It had decayed badly in 15 years of storage, requiring dim lighting and selective camera angles during filming. There are lots of enthusiastic filmmakers out there creating their own take on the Doctor Who mythos. An unknown entity uses the Time Scoop to bring several of the previous incarnations of the Doctor ; his former companions Susan Foreman , Sarah Jane Smith , and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart ; and his enemies the Daleks and the Cybermen , from their respective time streams into the Death Zone on Gallifrey.

Links to related articles. City of Death Thank you. Melanie "Mel" Bonnie Langford. Remembrance of the Daleks Doctor Who — The Robots of Death discussion. This is Terrance Dicks' loving tribute to a series that he helped to mould and, as such, contains everything that it should.

If you have a favourite Classic DVD extra, why not share it with the class using the commentary box below…. I think I've poisoned Nero. The Doctor's previous companions were all this - but not necessarily at the same time.