What form of heat transfer is most important heating the troposphere?

Process of Heat Transfer EARTH Earth in the Future

Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Then an integration in -direction over the length with a -dependent absorption coefficient gives and a further integration over results in First integrating over and introducing the optical depth as well as the substitution , we can write with see 51 and the exponential integral Since the further considerations in this paper are concentrating on the radiation transfer in the atmosphere under the influence of thermal background radiation, it is more appropriate to describe the interaction of radiation with the molecules by a stepwise propagation through thin layers of depth as given by How is heat energy transferred?

Add to Comparison of the first terms on the right side and applying 17 gives the identity and therefore Comparing the second terms in 12 and 24 results in So, together with 21 and 27 , we derive as the final expressions for and: At this altitude, any terrestrial radiation for an excitation on the transition is no longer available.

With further growing temperature again increases, caused by the decreasing gas density and also reduced lower population, accompanied by a smaller absorption.

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? On the other hand, the propagation length through a thin layer of depth is increasing with , so that the -dependence for both terms and disappears.

In a closed system as discussed in Section 2 , thermal radiation interacting with the molecules is in unison with the population of the molecules, and both the radiation and the gas can be characterized by a unique temperature. Why has the Eastern US been getting a lot of precipitation lately, whether it's snow up north or rain down south?

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Heat Transfer Chapter 16 Section 2 Pages 532-535

Then two cases have to be distinguished, the situation we discuss in this section, where the molecules are part of an environmental thermal bath, and on the other hand, the case where a directed external radiation prevails upon a gas cloud, which will be considered in the next section.

Similar to Figure 9 , the graphs show the evolution of the photon densities and , the population densities and of the states and , the heat density in air, and the temperature of the gas as a function of time.

In addition, I have added algorithms to calculate the variation of the tropospheric temperature by increasing the density of atmospheric CO2 as well as examples from nature applied to water vapor and carbon dioxide.

Since the main trace gases CO 2 , water vapour, methane, and ozone are absorbing the incident infrared radiation simultaneously on thousands of transitions, as an acceptable approximation for this kind of calculation, we consider these transitions to be similar and independent from each other, each of them contributing to the same amount to the energy balance.

In the Northern and Southern hemispheres, air rises along the equator and subpolar latitude about 50 to about 70 north and south climatic regions and sinks in the polar and subtropical regions.

How is heat transferred in the troposphere? This is valid for a heat flux caused by convection or conduction in agreement with the second law of thermodynamics, but it leads to some contradiction with respect to a radiation source.

Some rearrangement of and multiplication with gives At local thermodynamic equilibrium, we know that due to 36 , the term will be zero, and trivially it is also zero in the absence of any collisions.

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Temperature and water vapor content in the troposphere decrease rapidly with altitude. Thank you! The energy which is moving from one system to another is known as heat.

To ensure reproducible results and to avoid any instabilities, the time interval for the stepwise integration of the coupled differential equation system has to be chosen small enough to avoid changes comparable to the size of a computed quantity itself, or the calculated changes have to be restrict by some upper boundaries, taking into account some smaller repercussions on the absolute time scale. The major contribution in heating the troposphere comes from thesun's radiation.

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