Thai Iced Tea Recipe – Just like the restaurants

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Jim — July 18, Saving Photo But to compare, I purchased the mix you recommended. Just made this tea to go with Panang Curry, and it was fantastic! Healthy Hungry. I believe I might have to make a change.

Thai Tea Recipe {Make this Now}

D — August 2, 5: Karen — July 31, 6: Emily — July 7, 3: HeatherE7 3 years ago on Introduction. Donald Tea Time — July 31, 2: Jillian — July 19, 4: Learn more Did you try these steps? Reina — March 14, 8: Get your Bubble Tea shop supplies here: That is what the instructions were for the brand of tea we bought.

Ooooooh, Thai Iced tea is really good stuff! After that, let the tea cool to room temperature or colder. Tammy — July 29, Pin K.

Welcome to BossenStore. The only thing to consider is that you cannot keep the cooked boba too long as it loses its chewiness and turns solid after a few hours. Dina — August 4, 7: Put 1 tablespoon 2 grams of loose-leaf black tea into a mug.

Tea is harvested and processed into any of the four types of tea, which are black, green, oolong, and white. I just came across your Thai Tea photo on Pinterest, and I had to come over and check out the recipe. In fact me and a friend threw a party yesterday and Thai tea was one of the beverages served and it was a hit, and ran out halfway through the party.


Use Thai black tea for the most authentic flavor. If your water tastes bad out of the tap, it will make bad tea! If you can't find any, you can use regular black tea instead. When I clicked on the link for the Thai tea you recommended…it says that the ingredients are just green tea and food dyes. Winnie — August 3, 7: Let the tea cool, then spoon out the tea bags and spices. Putputt — July 31, 4: