How to use the clarks table?

These technical procedures were written in response to the need for standardized technical procedures of many aspects of groundwater science, including site and measuring-point Add a comment. The book reached without even a scratch.

How can I find the depth to the water table in a specific location?

Basic Multiplication The most basic procedure carried out on a slide rule is the multiplication of two numbers u and v using the C and D scales. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Apparently this slide rule was made when the "new math" was at its zenith and Faber Castell wanted its share of the action.

Skip to main content. There are many pages about slide rules on the web, and you can still buy brand new slide rules 40 years old but never used, and still in their factory supplied box in various places.

One Variable The power of a slide rule stems from the interplay of the scales and the movements of the slide and the cursor. There are more pedestrian ways to compute but if you have to evaluate such expressions many times you'll find the shortcut eventually. Previous question. Download jpg.

How to find tan inverse value using log table? -

Employees in the News. The importance of considering ground water and surface water as a single resource has become increasingly evident. For this we proceed as follows: Scales All other scales on a slide rule are referenced to the C and D scales. The depth to the water table can change rise or fall depending on the time of year. Answers come with explanations, so that you can learn. They describe basic principles and then people can figure out how to use slide rules to best advantage for their particular applications.

Science Explorer. To compute the sine function of 75 degrees, 9 minutes, 50 seconds [1] using a table of trigonometric functions such as the Bernegger table from illustrated here, one might simply round up to 75 degrees, 10 minutes and then find the 10 minute entry on the 75 degree page, shown above-right, which is 0.

Not sure about the answer? Tables of logarithms and trigonometric functions were common in math and science textbooks. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. These scales are labeled R Root or W Wurzel. R , W May come with subscripts to distinguish and , and have a prime attached to distinguish location on the body or slide.

Trigonometric Tables

Six examples are given in Table 4. Usually there are several scales, like. Search Search. Didn't find what you were looking for? Paper isn't white enough and print appears like photo-copied Next question. Please try again later. Cunningham, William L.

Thus we start again by putting the hairline above the number u on scale 1. Logarithm and its Applications An approach to learn logarithm and its implementation in Remember, the decimal point is only put in the first number in a row, the rest of the numbers in the row should have the same number before the decimal point. To multiply a number with 3.