Baby Panda Bear Sneezes - Scares Mother

Another YouTube user uploaded a video of his baby being burped by Mom.

15 Things The Newborn Could Be Scared Of BabyGaga

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Baby falls asleep while eating pastie. My little heart 9 months ago. Uploader since. Add the video to your site with the embed code above.

So it might come as a shock when the baby is actually afraid of the things you bought just for him! We see Dr.

Baby Gets a Bit Scared When Watching Daddy Climb

Create account Skip. Cat mom hugs baby kitten when scared theredsupreme 7 years ago. But once again, we can thank YouTube for the hilarious video compilation of babies scared by a fart. Regional National Worldwide.

They disappear if you shine a light on them. One morning, he woke up with, it was like a punch, although i have been communicating to his father the strange behavior and one other thing, his fevers which would run hot and cool down in a moment, he would be covered in sweat. Thanks to a few families sharing videos of their babies being terrified of random objects, we now know that a baby rattle can seem pretty freaky to a baby.

Sneezing panda bear HILARIOUS

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Sneezing panda bear HILARIOUS - video dailymotion

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Baby Panda Bear Sneezes - Scares Mother - video dailymotion

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