Trend Electric Furnace Time Delay Sequencer, 3 Pole

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What Does an Electric Furnace Sequencer Do?

The relay will have a manufacturer's part number on it. Electric furnaces do have a number of advantages, however. Chillers Pro's Forum: Thank you very much for the file.

Industrial Blvd Ste. Dedicated to Contractor Success. Broken limit control The limit control switch is a mechanism designed to stop the furnace from overheating. We have all of them in our store Heat strip sequencer. Monday - Friday: Then, you can turn the power back on to the unit. To select a replacement, you should obtain an exact replacement if possible.

Sometimes, multiple sequencers are necessary to achieve this. Then, removal is usually accomplished by removing a mounting screw.

An Electric Furnace Guide: The Sequencer Colliers

The blower motor runs the fan that sends air through the heating elements and then into the ventilation system. My Notifications View All View all. And over the years, manufacturers have developed many parts to improve operation, one of which is the sequencer. We have chosen a plant within your radius that has stock. Once the first element has heated all the way up, the voltage passes to the next.

Nordyne electric furnace sequencer

When the power to the heater coil is interrupted, the small piece of metal cools off and goes back to it's original shape. Both are working under harsh conditions in a hot environment; they have just a limited lifetime!

When it comes to supplying a home with heat during the winter, the gas furnace is the most common option. Loose or corroding wiring and broken relays are among the more common troubles that can cause problems for an electric furnace. Schedule Service.

What Does an Electric Furnace Sequencer Do?

If you suspect that a sequencer is bad, you should test it before replacing it. In fact, more than 64 million homes around the country use natural gas power to stay warm.

Monday - Friday 7: Turning all of the elements on at once every time the furnace engages can cause a surge large enough to trip the breaker or blow the fuse. Estimating Job Postings. Trouble with the sequencer An electric furnace works by turning on a series of electric heating elements that generate heat through coils, much like the heating elements in a toaster or electric oven.