I got a call just a minute ago 5th Dec 2: Representative Cafero, actually my ears kind of perked up at Senator Sullivan's testimony as well because I think if we think it is reasonable, if it is reasonable to transfer some ECS money to a different public option, it's exactly the same if it's transferred to a private option in terms of its effect on the sending school.

And my only concern about the failing schools funding was that I know that each year it's been something that's been added back. SAS Drive Width: Security Devices. First of all, let me just make something clear on what Mr. Send us your request. Well, I think in order to do it, it's going to cost dollars. So again, thank you again for your time. And I think you know that those are the numbers when you look at the funding of magnet schools in the State of Connecticut, that they are remarkable in their accomplishment, remarkable in the quality that they are offering kids, remarkable in what they have accomplished in terms of quality integrated education in response to the Sheff decision.

We don't have enough money for transportation, so some dollars from the New Haven public schools system is put into that pot to make sure that young people are transported from outside of the district in. Product Show Case Close.

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My name is Joe Leiberis. I'm speaking on behalf of the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities Education Subcommittee, joined by the Common Ground Coalition which I think there are a number of members in the audience.

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You cannot edit your posts in this forum. It's down to It will affect us for the rest of our lives. Graphics Tablets. We have some school children here that we'd like to call up now, so all the school children, why don't you come forward and whoever's going to be the spokesperson.

Surveillance Cameras. But I do agree that at some point we have to move on the foundation.