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Lee, C. Oct, Nov. Andrew 1st Sunday in Advent Separat'n bay, N. Continue to prepare ground for tobacco, maize, and other field crops, and as no plant exhausts the soil more than tobacco, it should not be grown, except on very rich soil, more than two or three years without being enriched with very strong manure.

The operation of disbudding, which merely consists in rubbing off the superfluous and badly-placed young shoots and buds, may be advantageously performed on peach and other trees when practicable. Herbs should be cut for drying when at full growth and coming into flower — and some when in full flower, as lavender, marigold, and camomile, for their flowers only. Yangan Full Cream Cheddar Cheese.

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Anywhere within the tropics bananas and pineapples may still be planted, and also all manner of tender tropical fruits if in pots ; but in putting them out a good protection from the scorching rays of the sun should be furnished until they are well established in their new quarters.

David St. Not exceeding— ioz. The collected number of newspapers issued during the month of a weekly or fortnightly publication, whether stitched or unstitched, are not allowed to pass as a single publication, but each number must be paid for as a separate newspaper. In the warmer districts of the North where the progress of vegetation is much more rapid and the summer at least a month earlier than in the southern portions of the colony, nearly all garden and field operations may be performed considerably sooner.

Plant Ranunculus twelve inches apart, and the larger growing ones eighteen inches.

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To say that one month here agrees with another in Great Britain is pure fiction. Allow no living creepers to overgrow the house nor act as a shade.

Prevailing winds were: In warm situations the rhubarb is better for shading. Ginger and arrowroot will be ready to be taken up in early situations.

Haymaking should be finished this month, and if it is desired to save the seeds of any of the grasses, it should be remembered that seeds ripen after being cut, and if care be not taken the seed will fall out.

The Sun Rises Sets, H. China, Orange, Rea's Seedling, Common. The single stake method is to procure hardwood stakes six feet in length and three inches square, placed six feet apart each way in straight lines.

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Rises Sets. I Aftrn.

Wheat, Barley, and Oats will now be ready for harvesting, and will demand the farmer's careful attention to get the operation properly performed.

John, Heath, Dr. Edgings of Alternanthera may be planted at any time during summer when moisture is sufficient.

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Insufficiently paid newspapers for other countries cannot be transmitted, and will be detained and destroyed unless otherwise directed. Charges moderate, workmanship guaranteed. Now is your time. William Soctteb, Brisbane. Young mango plants will now be making vigorous growth ; keep an eye upon these and regulate the shape of the trees by removal of the young shoots.

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Invisible in Queensland. Island Sir H. This applies only to South Queensland and more particularly to the Darling Downs. Great loss is frequently sustained by allowing the cotton to remain too long on the plant. Inches, Days Mean pressure was lower than for the same period a year ago. Copies of the daily and weekly issue of the Parliamentary Debates published by the authority of Parliament shall, when bearing the imprint of the Government Printer and open at both ends, be exempt from postage if posted within seven days from the date of publication.

Celery should be earthed up as it advances in height.