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Links to Other Sites Contact Us: Quail are strong fliers, so the brooder should be covered after they reach approximately one week of age. Marbles are to keep chicks from drowning, they can drink between the marbles and if they climb on the dish they won't be down in the water.

Watch out for abandoned quail chicks

Keeping Quails -- Gender Differentiation. I use 1 small dish per 3 babies, as the warmth of the brooder evaporates the water quickly, and birds can dehydrate quickly. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 2. Generally the brooder can be made of anything as long as it is safe, warm and sanitary. You can put fresh quail eggs into the lower drawer of your refrigerator and just let them be. Baby Pheasants, Chukar, and Quail require a brooder temperature of approximately 95 degrees for the first week, dropping approximately 5 degrees every 3 days or so until the end of the brooding period.

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Audrey Garrison. Not Helpful 6 Helpful May 5, 6 a. Fresh, clean water is crucial to your chick's survival, but is too often the cause of a chick's demise.

Offer food from your hands. This allows your chick to move closer or further from the heat source to regulate her body temperature. Feeding your Quail.

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Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Every year we get reports from individuals who discover lifeless baby quail in their birdbaths. SUN All rights reserved.

When raising baby quails it is important that you keep their home clean.

Watch out for abandoned quail chicks

But towels or newspaper are not as absorbent as wood shavings, and newspaper can be slippery for the chicks. Farmgal Rant.. It is recommended you keep baby quails out of reach of young hands.

Just another Day on the Farm. Until next week, Happy Birding! Quail chicks are tiny and arrange small feeder and water bowl for them. Elliott worked as a veterinarian at an animal clinic for over a decade.