To Lock or Unlock a Layer by Selecting an Object

Any idea? Here, you have the option to:. Last modified on Wednesday, 26 December Freezing a layer completely removes the layer from memory, thus improving performance.

Click the object whose layer you need to unlock. Using AutoCAD and have 3 monitors running. Chuck says: I had the same issue with arranging my workspace layout I have just been using acad not for long.

CAD Forum - How to quickly unlock and thaw all layers?

When selecting Blocks, the Layer of the block or entity within the Block can provide the Layer name. Hottest comment thread. Login Sign up. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Enable Auxiliary Access Wide screen. Follow Cadsetterout. Like this: The layer will now be unlocked, and you should be able to select objects on that layer.

It will stay locked in position for days…maybe weeks…then one day, when I collapse it like I always do, the entire tool palette bar will disappear off the screen and I have yet to find it. Web Links. Is there a command to unlock all layers?

This command moves an object from the Layer it is on, to the current Layer. This is not an official translation and may contain errors and inaccurate translations.

By the same token, although you can set Layers to be frozen or thawed and on or off in the Layers pull down, it can be more intuitive just to point and click. Instead changing current layer from list, just activate this tool and pick an existing boundary line! You can define the target by selecting an object as reference OR you can select the layer name. We had a guy at work who ran into the same issue and it fixed when he was added as an Admin. Your Layer control is now accessible no matter which Ribbon Tab you have current.

Andrea says: But you can turn on all layers or thaw at once using them. Create a layer filter. This is useful if you need to work on other layer for a while. Post time CAD Shop. November 4, at 2: You can clean up the whole drawing at once, or pick out individual items.

May 21, at 3: Can anybody find a solution. Get Connected. This tool will create a duplicate of selected objects, and place the new objects in another layer. Sign In Now.