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It's now freely available to all Advanced EQ users! I always recommend it to my fellow engineers. Keep at it, and you'll be an EQ master in no time. It's more useful than the class itself. Simple, powerful, and fast, hearEQ is perfect for ear training on the go.

Switch to: Quality headphones will become your best friends over the years. It has a brand new training method. Thank you for submitting a review! About Us. So, another great app that will significantly improve your critical listening skills. Product support. Title of Review. That could be a cool addition for a future version of the app; I can definitely see something like that working. Lets Start Training.

Foldable phones could finally push office workers away from the PC. As always, send us a note through our website tenkettles. This custom track starts with an ultra-low frequency rumble layered with crystal clear chimes, followed by a conventional mix made from various "classic" pop instruments such as an electric bass, drums and other percussion instruments, electric piano, electric guitar and synthesizer strings, along with a male voiceover and female vocal line. And how much does it cost?

Reviews Questions. V2 headphones Love my headphones. What if I am already a good engineer? Now this is a newer tool I just recently found out about.

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Add Your Comment. Tap the Modules tab to learn how you can bring your ear training to the next level with a band EQ, 12 different gain levels, and boost-only or cut-only training. I've received numerous compliments about them and people are constantly asking me where I got them. Mix Buddy. Superior Sound. For sound and studio engineers Learn to discriminate frequencies by ear.

Better Ears. Integrate your workout data into your preferred app, Apple Health or Google Fit. Want to focus on just a few frequency bands to start? EQ Ear Training. Information Seller Ten Kettles Inc.