How to Use a Menstrual Cup Without Leaking or Passing Out

You can find more advice on how to choose the right menstrual cup size here. No more tampons or pads for me! Jun 28, First Published: There are numerous online resources for learning different menstrual cup folds , so if "the grinning clown" as I call my method doesn't work for you, check one of these alternative folds out. This is normal. And that will result in blood splatters on the floor.

Twitter Share. This may make it painful or difficult to insert the cup. Linking everything to sexuality is wrong, we as a nation need to grow up. Comment by Jimena June 2, Comment by obsidian March 1, The trick is to recognize that they need to aim towards the small of their back.

Yearender Indian Women Share What It's Really Like Using a Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups work by holding the blood, rather than absorbing it like a tampon. Remember that it may take a while to get used to using a menstrual cup. It was too early and his pans were too new. What matters is that the cup is not leaking and you are not able to feel it. If you leave it in longer, watch out for signs of infection. Is the stem in far enough to be comfortable, but not so far inside that you can't reach it?

According to Ms Imran, who also works for the Punjab government, she was scared the first time she used a cup but after that she realised it was something every woman needed to try. Pakistan is moving ahead with times. Thank you. If the cup is left in an enclosed space while wet, it could become moldy like anything else. I use spit, personally don't judge ; the Diva Cup website suggests using water and insists that you shouldn't use commercial lube on menstrual cups ; some other folks on the web claim that water-based lube is OK, and that you just need to stay away from silicone lube which can degrade the cup.

Other Stems: The cup isn't opening fully. Don't be discouraged if a friend is disgusted by the concept of a menstrual cups. Live TV. If you're a virgin it may be harder to use a cup so you may wish to use a tampon or pad instead. However to preserve the lifetime of your diaphragm, you may only want to do this if it is made of silicone, not rubber.

Read over the pamphlets that come with your cup until you feel comfortable to go ahead.