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Two and three-level versions of the Balancing Domain Decomposition based on Constraints BDDC method are used to solve the arising system of algebraic equations. Hand Tools Tools. We introduce StraTap and ISP Log attacks, that infer miner earnings if given access to miner communications, or even their logs.

Experimental results show that the proposed method performs better than current single image super-resolution techniques. That means a lot of know-how, a ….

In our experiments, this direct loss minimization translates to improved accuracy and robustness on real network data. Large labeled datasets for other sensor modalities, e. Our approach outperforms the state-of-the-art models, i. This was a pretty dramatic idea.

Additionally, we present optional extensions to the RoomNet architecture such as including recurrent computations and memory units to refine the keypoint locations under the same parametric capacity.

We are interested in the scalability of the equivalent content delivery rate when the number of users, K, is large. It is demonstrated using a large set of experiments that while both refined meshes and disconnected subdomains have a negative effect on the convergence of BDDC, the number of iterations remains acceptable.

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We found results 1 2 3 4 5 Next. The paper focuses on the problem of vision-based obstacle detection and tracking for unmanned aerial vehicle navigation.

Third, if the multicast transmission can span over multiple independent sub-channels, e. Furthermore, we found that models trained with uPIT generalize well to unseen speakers and languages. We show that comparing interiors induced from a pair of networks yields the same result as the actual network distance between the original networks.

The main result of this paper is an equivalence between the following three entities: Due to the availability of references of research papers and the rich information contained in papers, various citation analysis approaches have been proposed to identify similar documents for scholar recommendation.

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The aim of the FESCA workshop is to bring together junior researchers from formal methods, software engineering, and industry interested in the development and application of formal modelling approaches as well as associated analysis and reasoning techniques with practical benefits for software engineering. In return, the selected relay nodes' energy harvesting requirements will be fulfilled up to a certain threshold through their own payoff so that they have the natural incentive to be selected and involved in the communication.

In this paper, we introduce recurrent collective classification RCC , a variant of ICA analogous to recurrent neural network prediction. This is achieved without complex opponent modeling or higher-order theories of mind, thus showing that flexible, fast, and general human-machine cooperation is computationally achievable using a non-trivial, but ultimately simple, set of algorithmic mechanisms.

Ann Page Spices. Chess [6], Checkers [7], Jeopardy! In this work, we extend Partial Membership Latent Dirichlet Allocation to incorporate any available imprecise label information to help guide unmixing. Ensemble methods using multiple classifiers have proven to be the most successful approach for the task of Native Language Identification NLI , achieving the current state of the art. In this paper we show how they can be used to solve the Goddard problem.

During the s, meat markets and more produce offerings were added to larger and less spartan stores, the result of an increasingly affluent clientele. For the test game we use a space-battle game in order to provide a suitable balance between simulation speed and potential skill-depth.

The second module takes the main question, image and these basic questions as input and then outputs the text-based answer of the main question.