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One cute way to look at it in my opinion is to think of the human being as a lazy fucker. External Reviews.

Retrieved May 2, Hot Network Questions. Languages intentionally untranslatable If the availability of artificial translators were common, it is perfectly reasonable for two speakers to converse using a spoken language none of them understands. Yes, I am aware that language family tree also probably has to do with this, but my point is I believe that humans tend to optimize to lower entropy level per syllable in the evolution of language.

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Instead, your language rule could be not "what to say to communicate fear" but "how to choose what to say to communicate fear". An often missed reason is that humans communicate in metaphor all the time. Two or more of their species spend time together and build up a language between them on the fly based on global events and local moment by moment shared experiences, which then fades as they split apart. View all Gaming Sites. Worf , in the meantime, thinks that the Captain is being tested as a warrior and advocates an aggressive stance, which Riker says he will take as a last option.

Star Trek style universal translator closer to reality?

It could be too complex, require too much source material, whatever. Rate This. Right in the Feels. As such, it is in my opinion that full languages derived from internet memes would not actually resemble internet memes at the end.

There is always a tension between the exact meaning of a word and its social context. Ad continuum. This is close to a couple of the other answers "make it depend on the time of day", "natural encryption", "talk with allegories", etc , but they don't hit it directly on - what if the language was not fixed, but was created on the fly each time people met up, from a more abstract set of rules?

Season 5 Episode 2. Other method is language full of homophones.

Star Trek style universal translator closer to reality?

Audible Download Audio Books. Picard expected fairly easy diplomacy, but the Tamarians first have a row at their side, then transport Picard and their own captain Dathon down to the nearest planet surface, which they make impenetrable behind a particle shield, to pit them for a duel, which Picard is unwilling to engage.

Your subcriptions will sync with your account on this website too. A misinterpretation could mean war. Player FM is scanning the web for high-quality podcast content right now. This is rather important because the habit of typing these commands into a chat window has transcended beyond hipchat. Any language which has sentences with multiple meanings i.

It is a little tautological but language being memes imply that language is formed by repetition, and by repetition, builds up a construct known as a meme. Clear your history. Also one of the most divisive - a lot of people hate it, I suppose because they can't get over the inherent silliness of the dialogue. Share Tweet.

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Different languages have different basic colour terms, some more than others, and there are various patterns in what they can be. Phil M Phil M 1, 2 6.

There are many words in languages like the English "smart" which have extremely different meanings with the same word, sometimes even contrary ones if ironic undertones are replacing the original meaning.