BARN OWLS: Tytonidae

Like "typical" owls in the family Strigidae, barn owls have forward-facing eyes, excellent vision in dim light, and very sensitive ears. Grape growers in California are among the farmers that now welcome barn owls to their properties by hanging up nesting boxes.

In order to live and breed, a pair of barn owls needs to eat around 5, prey items a year. Marti, How do they communicate with each other? Additional information: They generally hunt from a perch and ambush their prey. Farmers can lose huge amounts of planted crops and stored grains to rodents.

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BioKIDS - Kids' Inquiry of Diverse Species, Tyto alba, barn owl: INFORMATION

They also require tree cavities, caves, or other protected areas for nest sites. Firefly Books, What shape is the bird?: As a matter of fact, an owl can see three times better in the dark than you can. Learn more about the benefits for our students.

Hold your arms out with both of your index fingers in front of your nose. Educating and empowering the next generation of conservation leaders. Owl Nests We mostly notice owls when we hear them.

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Less frequently, birds give whistling and wheezing notes and some snapping and bill clacking during mating and threat displays. Wings Make the Bird Owls are known for their ability to fly nearly silently.

At the same time it hisses and snaps its bill. Barn owl in flight. It has an effortless wavering flight as it quarters pastures or similar hunting grounds. See if you can talk your teacher into doing an owl pellet dissection in class! Finally, barn owls used to be able to nest successfully on many farms. In fact, only a third of barn owls survive long enough to reach breeding age, with predation by larger birds, starvation during lean winters and car collisions all posing a serious challenge to barn owls.

The female tears up the food to feed it to the chicks. Some species of owl also have a moveable ear flap that they can use to increase or decrease the sound coming to their ears.

Owls: Facts (Science Trek: Idaho Public Television)

Follow BirdlifeOz. The female lines the nest with shredded pellets to make a soft surface for the eggs. Many only survive one breeding season. Help us protect the precious homes of owls Become a member. Most barn owls are sedentary, though some individuals in the northern part of the range are migratory.

And 12, mice will eat almost 31, pounds 15 tons of food each year.