Video Games. But even the Dream Lord isn't the best part even if he trumps the Valeyard, the 'dark' incarnation whose love of a tea cosy on his scalp. Ironically, Amy is torn between being the legs and 'elephanty' an on-off pregnancy, which would recur later in the story of River Song , and the Doctor proposes that this is Rory's dream.

It may or may not be a callback to the scientific dynamic between Caroline John's Liz Shaw and the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee himself who would have been 95 today; many happy returns to a fabulous actor and a brilliant Doctor. Not so. Even at a pace as breathless as the viewer watching at home, River and the Doctor maintain their dance, which will become crucial to No. And good old Katy for not losing her groovy edge 'They do sonic lipsticks now!

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He wears the blue and I the grey, And God, it hurts me so. Vincent and the Doctor. These mini sagas in the life of the Doctor must be immensely fun to write and watch, as they offer up the space and time literally to take a breath from the adventures and pin down characters and what's going on inside their heads.

A deo scito?

Smite Me, O Mighty Smiter!

Not one. They want the Earth back, but what is to be achieved from the hostages?

I do everything I'm supposed to do, at least the best way I can, but I don't know how to do this one. Very little. Hac in hora, Eng.

Only by bending the rules of technobabble and time travel can Moffat truly have this jigsaw of a narrative in its polished form, with the scrapping of the Leadworth ducks in the pond another knot not tied at the end. The Lodger. It's obviously watched in the context that Elisabeth Sladen is no longer with us, but she was never an echo of the Doctor. The title character of Tosca suffers a Break the Cutie ordeal at the hands of Scarpia, the corrupt police boss and villain of the opera, that involves her lover Mario Cavaradossi.

Good God sir, was that fair?! It seems like nothing can help them short of a great Deus ex Machina , but it's failed to come.

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Matt's solemn drop of his head with its extremely healthy head conveys an almost guilty dread at the idea that he'll whisk River off her feet in the future, and it will seal her fate as a result; this could be argued with the story of all companions, as the Ninth Doctor asserted that he couldn't guarantee Rose's safety. And what was Takano's response to the god's impertinence?

I invented a new term. An ironic choice, considering the recurrence of the retina throughout the past episodes the Doctor and Amy's bullet-time deductions, the Atraxi, the Angel that walks into Amy's head by using hers as doors into the soul and the occupants of Sarn retirement home. In fact, it's proving to be the future.

On the Discworld , this kind of thing will get a quick response, because the gods are real, impatient, and trigger happy. Well, they call me the Doctor.

Cancel Save. I'll save the essay surrounding the Doctor and River for another time though.

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Web Comics. The Doctor and River Song find themselves at the mercy of the natives of the planet of the Rain Gods, who mean to sacrifice them to their deities, until the Doctor calls upon the gods themselves to help them out of the fix. And then there's "Charcoal Abraxas": Reality collapses between the space of one's cliffhanger and the other's resolution. Plus, I bet, as she slams the levers on the console, the Doctor is already devising his grand entrance into Rory's life for a second time.

Am I to believe that these are the acts of a loving God?