How do you light a safety match without the box?

If you go on an outdoor adventure we recommend buying the waterproof matches.

Phosphorus and Matches

One gets a little flame like an ear of corn. Press down with your index finger and drag the match across the striker strip in a single quick motion — roughly like how you'd light a wooden match. It is highly recommended that before actually using these matches in the wilderness to test them at home. From to , the composition of these matches remained largely unchanged, although some improvements were made.

SunofVich Follow Forum Posts: Also, the container is waterproof. How to water proof matches with turpentine This method is as simple as the last two but because it involves turpentine, many people choose to go with the wax or the nail polish.

As with wooden matches, the match can sometimes fail to light even if you do everything. Typically, modern matches are made of small wooden sticks or stiff paper. For other uses, see Match disambiguation. Try to avoid pointing the matchstick directly downward.

It's almost as if you're trying to rub the match head material off in a single rough motion. A match is a tool for starting a fire. If the edge of the match head is exposed when you strike the match, you can burn your thumb. Kitchen matches, or whatever they used to be called, have the red phosphorous on the tip which allows them to light with friction from any surface.

They are cheap and easy to make.

Wood Trekker: Home Made Strike Anywhere Matches

It is highly recommended to have a backup striking surface with you so, if the box falls apart, you can still use the matches. So, I started with a regular box of safety matches. They live on a fine line between harmlessly sitting in a box and blowing up in your face. Dictionary of National Biography.

Making a Perfect Match Popular Science

For help lighting paper booklet matches, or advice on how to hold a lit matchstick, read on! Turpentine can destroy forever wood surfaces. Red phosphorus is fairly stable, but microscopic amounts convert into dangerously unstable white phosphorus through friction heat. Hold the match in your dominant hand right with your thumb and middle finger. In this Article: There's red phosphorous on the striking surface of the box that ignites the safety match.