50+ Clever Things You Can Do With Old Clothes

Innovation is the key to achieving full circularity.

Essentially taking it from jeans and a T-shirt to something you can dress up. There are countless ways you can reuse your old clothes to get the most out of every dollar you spent on them. Turn your old t-shirts into pillowcases, and do so without sewing them.

40+ Creative Ideas to Repurpose and Reuse Your Old T-shirts

T-shirt Yarn Baskets This Do-It-Yourself tutorial is super cute and would be so useful to put things around the house in so you can carry it around to put the items away. Already got rags on rags on rags? T-shirt Necklace How cute is this? Call Us Today: I was extremely jealous- her room was so cute.

40 Mindblowing Ways To Repurpose Old Clothing

Grab patterns from your local craft store to create a unique collection of stuffed animals. Instead of hauling piles of old clothes to the dumpster, consider reusing and repurposing them. Next Stories. Daily and Weekly newsletters available.

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Are there other options besides the landfill? Conclusion At this point, we really could deck out our whole wardrobe with T-shirt themed stuff. Clothes that are in good condition can easily be donated to a thrift store, given away in a clothing swap, or sold online, but it's the clothes in poor condition that always stump me. We're talking about the pieces that are too stained and ripped to be donated.

Cute DIY Projects

You have shared the best article in my opinion the best way to recycle a cloth is to donate it to a needy person. Turn them into sleeveless workout tops, halter tops, tote bags, quilts, pet bedding, and cleaning rags.

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For the full tutorial, check out Stacie's article over at Bark Post. Tutorial via V and Co 3. Thanks for the information.