Pokemon Sacred Gold & Storm Silver

Log In Sign Up. With these rules in mind, and with hopes that I will be able to kick butt on my first public Nuzlocke, I will dive right in to Pokemon Storm Silver Version!

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Winnona is one of the toughest Pokemon you will ever meet. Level 5 - Level That's probably the charcoal makers down the street. I was very surprised when the Wurmple I just slew used Bug Bite on me. He hurt his back coming down. Do they maintain Johto's atrocious level curve? Starting game today few questions.

And with a little help from Axel, we succeeded! Beedrill Lv. Milotic doesn't have any alternate evolution method in the mod and there isn't any other in-game way to increase Beauty.

Another crit, another opponent! This changes the flag setting to ALWAYS occur, but for people who are ahead, do not wish to restart their save files and are finding themselves unable to get Surf due to a dance theater blockade, download this version and head to Olivine Pokemon Center and talk to a woman with blue hair to sort your problems out.

Pokemon Soul Silver

Route 35, Lv. This country gal is itching to go. I then move on to Route 32, where I catch a Magnemite , which almost knocks Diana out. And quick as a flash, we have a Bidoof! His wide variety of moves and ever present Sniper ability ensure critical hits that have been able to floor most Pokemon it encounters.

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I hear a weak reply. He let his Chikorita get absolutely wrecked by Blake. Sand Veil Moves: His team consists of Sunkern Lv. However, it's fallen ill. Hiker Russel is my next opponent. To think I was holding an egg that no one had ever seen before.

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Alan can evolve as well - I found a Moon Stone before I captured him. Go for the Gold And Silver ". Pokemon Soul Silver. Whitney uses a Super Potion, and Edwin decides to be awesome by landing a critical Crabhammer instead of being immobilized by love.

Of course I can! He took the ore out of my hat with such assurance and joy that I knew this was what he wanted. Whitney starts off with a Lickitung Lv. I'll just um Unfortunately, no Poke Balls yet. Signal Beam Professor Oak was also delighted to meet us too.