How to safely thaw a frozen turkey for Thanksgiving 2018

How to Safely Thaw a Turkey. As soon as it begins to thaw, bacteria that may have been present before freezing will begin to grow again. In this episode, we head to Atlanta for restaurant picks from reality TV star Ms. If so, take a deep breath. Once the turkey has thawed, cook it immediately.

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Up Next. I thought the thawing turkey might quickly cool it. Partway through thawing you may wish to cover the tips of the wings and drumsticks with a small piece of foil to shield them from the microwaves and keep them from cooking.

But before it's popped in there, lay it on a rimmed tray, which will catch any leaks.

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About the Author. Video from Take 5 Follow. The good news is, you CAN cook a turkey that's still frozen. If the microwave happens to lack a defrost function, determine how long the bird needs to stay in there based on its weight. After two hours, you should be able to work your meat thermometer into the deepest part of the thigh. Before starting her writing career, Tanya Brown worked as an eighth-grade language arts teacher.

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Fresh chestnuts feel firm and heavy. However, this does take a lot more of your time and attention. Cold Water Thawing For the cold water method, leave the turkey in its original wrapping and submerge it in a sink or container full of cold water.

Changing the water will help to ward off any contaminating bacteria. Thanksgiving is just a few days away, so unless your turkey is 10 pounds or you don't plan on eating a 15 pound turkey until late Thanksgiving Day you're out of luck with this method. When your turkey is fully defrosted, put it in the fridge until you're ready to cook it. It is important that the water in the sink is cold so that the turkey remains at a safe temperature, so c hange the water about every 30 minutes to keep the bird chilled.

Jeff Tillett - thank you for your comment. Food , Holidays , Thanksgiving. Line your pan with aluminum foil and season your frozen turkey breasts.