The Best Method for Removing Sweetgum Balls From the Lawn

Preventing a Sweetgum Tree From Making Balls

The green, one-half inch diameter ball-shaped pistillate or female flowers dangle below them from a long slender stalk. Vegetables that do NOT require additional nitrogen are beets, carrots, lettuce, sweet potatoes, turnips and watermelons.

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No problem here. Another tip we got from my Mom in Michigan Maxine. Ask a Question Here are the questions asked by community members. It kept our freezer ice cold and our meat and milk safe to consume. Do not attempt to compost the sweetgum balls whole, because they take years to decompose.

I put some out several years ago and worked like a charm.

Sweetgum has great fall color, but watch out for gumballs

What a mess I was in for. The gumballs can be irritating with an almost continual drop from August through March. It is a lovely deciduous tree, but it produces annoying little 1 inch fruit like balls that are rather hard to clean up. We have four lovely sweet gums in our backyard. Tall grass interferes with the efficiency of both these methods. Regional Offices. Just can't afford to have the tree taken down, though.

To assure prevention of lasting damage to the tree, copper inserts should be removed at the time of gumball maturation in control untreated trees.

For apples to pollinate each other, their bloom times need to overlap. You can collect the sweetgum balls dried ones , spray paint and glitter them, and either use them on Christmas gifts or Christmas trees, in bowls on the table on in clear glass vases or baskets with natural pine cones.

Sweetgum – Eliminating Balls Walter Reeves: The Georgia Gardener

The first chemical contains the active ingredient ethephon, a form of ethylene gas that is sprayed over the entire tree at the rate of 1 quart per 10 gallons of water. Home and Garden Gardening Trees April 28, My soil test says I don't need any additional nutrients, lime or anything. Yes, they exist. While this fruitless cultivar is not as bold and bodacious as species of free-range sweetgum, it is free of gumballs.