TRUNC Function

If your timestamps include date values , then use the INT or TRUNC function to extract dates in the internal Excel system, dates and times are stored as serial numbers, the integer part representing a date and fractional part representing time.

When it comes to rounding a negative number, the results returned by the Excel round functions, may seem to flout logic: A project for you or someone else? Remember Me?

How to use the Excel TRUNC function Exceljet

How do i round number like below 0. Click into cell B7, and type the following formula: Thanks for the concern. Your software really helps make my job easier. How do I write this formula?

Excel TRUNC Function

Tracy says: In cell B3, type the following formula: Copy your 16 digit numbers from the original document word, email, where ever they are and paste them into the column in the tab delimited file that you just formatted as text. The workaround then proven to work in Excel XP: Pradip says: In Excel, however, I've tried several different ways to round according to the rules of my job with no luck.

Since Pi is an irrational number ; it does not terminate or repeat when written in decimal form, it continues on forever.

I really like your idea of doing the formating my self and posting it on our internal portal. Hides all time unit labels. Display as many decimal places as you type in each cell: For instance, at my job when we're billing by hand, we round anything 0.

So it's understandable it does do something special with numbers that html or xml or pdf or rtf don't. Sarah says: Can you explain why this happens?

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