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The little box is very roomy for my "chunky" kitty to have plenty of room! By Stephanie.

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She sprawls across it and rubs her face against it. I received this pad today, unwrapped it, put it on her bed, and plugged it in. Good Morning I accidently put Super Glue on the back of my Cats neck, thinking it was the bottle of flea medicine. Not two parts. My two cats will not leave it alone. Also, she is terrified of the blow drier, but shivered for an hour after baths even when snuggled up in a towel on my lap. By Easyology. Best Scratching Post Ever Two of my cats loved to climb my old scratching post and attempt to sit atop.

When pad came out of the wash the stuffing in one of the corners seemed to be bunched up and i did my best to straighten it out. I washed it about a month ago Great size, nice cord, and very soft and cover zips on and off for cleaning. By Erin Lewis.

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Heck if I know, but of the group of things I bought late one sleepless night in an effort to make this creature stop mourning bedtime, this is her favorite.

Marcucci began making phone calls; taking time out of their already busy day to find help. Top to bottom is 18"high. Play on Spotify.

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My fix though 8s just to use a caribeener sp? I actually first bought one, and then when it came in, I had to buy another one because they are territorial and won't share one for too long. By Cara DeRosa. It works as described, and is a wonderful product, but I really wanted to share a nice way to fix up a place for your kitty. I like it, but my pets do not This is kind of a hard review to write for the simple fact that although I may think that the Pet warming and cooling comfort pet bed is a great idea and a well made product, neither my dog or my cat seem to agree.

I was picking up small tuffs of stuffing and the metallic plastic layer from my yard like it has blown up. By Book Lover. I'm very happy with this product and suggest them for cats who tend to enjoy colder rooms or areas where you can't have an electric source of heat.

It warms them just from their body heat which we find so convenient. Both of my cats love it. Get Spotify Open Spotify. It just didn't provide the heat alternative I had hoped it would. I bought this little bed for our new kitten.

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By Adalynn. I was fortunate enough to get the "bento box" pattern in the luck of the draw, but it kind of doesn't matter, because my cat has barely gotten off this thing since it arrived.

Is it the lightly crinkly noise it makes? By TKB. I'm actually here today to buy another one. I wish I were able to locate a blanket from this material for myself Cat Supplies.