Who has the right of way on a freeway merge?

So no frontage-roading or fake-exit-laning, unless there's a sign specifically instructing otherwise. We are working to restore service. Do you really want to delete this user?

Befuddled by a rule of the road, frustrated by your fellow motorists or looking to debunk a traffic myth? Show comments. Merge like a zip let one vehicle in then go.

All cars remain in their lanes, using all the real estate. Airlines are watching you at 30, feet: Failure to do so can constitute a civil infraction. In the acceleration lane, drivers increase their speed to the speed of traffic on the freeway before they merge with it. I have heard both theories about who has rights, but at the end of the day to be honest it really doesn't matter because if the objective is to drive safely, if you're looking ahead you can very clearly see drivers on a ramp long before you arrive and you should be able to either speed up, slow down or change lanes to accommodate their entry.

It's permanent, can't be undone and you won't be able to invite this driver back. You find these signs usually on on-ramps of an interstate where the entering traffic must yield to the oncoming traffic. Log in. We aim to create a safe and valuable space for discussion and debate. I drove like a jerk in Seattle traffic to see if it would save me time.

Download Report. The war between lineuppers and sidezoomers is part of what makes driving hell sometimes. If you would like to request a refund please contact us. Guaranteed Ticket Dismissal or We Pay it! What happens on the highways and byways of our nation is regulated provincially.

Zipper merge will upset other drivers — but you should do it

But guess what? Back in , the Michigan Department of Transportation experimented with the Dynamic Late Lane Merger System at test sites on I and I, directing motorists to stay in their lanes until a designated merge point located near the taper. We resist the freeze-out-the-sidezoomer urge. Please fill in details You can't generate certificate until driver has filled in their name.

Merge (traffic)

So while you're on the road this weekend, if you're in heavy traffic and your lane is ending, feel free to zoom to the end and merge into the next lane at the head of the line. Choose the company to manage. Do you really want to delete this training record? Log in Register. In the zipper merge, we take turns getting into the lane and use up all available road real estate:.

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Why DefensiveDriving. What you need is an experienced lawyer to help explain your rights and options. Due to the volume of queries received, only those published can be answered. By late October, the DMV had more than videos posted there. Okay, rant is over.