Informal Talks with Northern Alliance a Positive Move for Peace

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The opposition troops of the Northern Alliance moved into Kabul today on the heels of the fleeing Taliban, prompting demands from the international community for the speedy establishment of a transitional Afghanistan government. Women were not permitted to wear white the color of the Taliban flag socks or shoes, or shoes that make a noise while they are being walked in. However, observers might argue that some members of the Northern Alliance, as a result of their battle against the oppressive Taliban militias, might have been involved in human rights abuses or at the least questionable activities as well.

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They also say that he studied in several Islamic schools outside of Afghanistan, especially in Quetta, Pakistan. General Pervez Musharraf , a retired four-star general who served as Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee from to and the Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan Army from to , played an instrumental role in drafting Pakistan's role in the Afghan civil war.

Commander Massoud died in a helicopter that was taking him to a hospital. Meanwhile, it will continue with informal talks. The Jamiat-e Islami faction, led by Ahmed Shah Masood and former President Rabbani, fired several rockets into Kabul in an effort to weaken the Taliban control over the airport.

Afghan Civil War (1996–2001)

Forgot password? This operation, planned and launched under General Naseem Rana, was well planned, more organized and comprehensively studied by Pakistan Armed Forces. The Taliban, for the next 6 days were reported to have gone door to door looking for male Hazara Shias and then subsequently executing them. Tajiks , Uzbeks , Hazaras , Turkmens , some Pashtuns and others.

Daily Times. Human Rights Watch. Dostum fought alongside Soviet troops during the Soviet occupation in the s and is now reportedly set to retake his stronghold at Mazar-i-Sharif. In at least two known instances, Massoud personally intervened against cases of forced marriage.

President Barack Obama. However, when the Taliban captured Kabul in September , the three groups resurrected the Northern Alliance, in opposition once again.

Timeline: Taliban in Afghanistan

Although there has been some backlash against the Taliban by some Northern Alliance factions or members, individuals involved with the Northern Alliance are more likely to be found in the role of the persecuted rather that persecutor. US and British forces begin intense bombing of the Taliban's air defence installations and airport-based command centres. The way which I like I live in this area. However, as the Pashtun-dominated faction gained more power and seized control of more territory, the Northern Alliance formed in opposition of the Taliban's use of indiscriminate violence and repression.

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