How to, uh, turn Windows 8 off

How to Shut Down Windows 8 [Easy, 9 Different Methods]

No extra software is required; everything you need is built right into Windows 8. It only does its hybrid shutdown when you're actually trying to power off the computer. Clker , power button on by Big Stock Photo.

Windows Software Operating Systems Windows 8. Delete the shortcuts of any programs you don't want to run at startup.

Choose Shut down from the menu of options. If you are experiencing issues during restarts where Windows 8 lags, you may need to perform a normal shutdown and boot to correct it, and this will allow you to.

W8 Sidebar will notify you when Windows updates are available and their number. W8 Sidebar is a free s tandalone portable software that includes several useful components, all in 2 MB size. Your inability to find a way to shut down Windows 8 or do many other things with Windows 8 for that matter is not because computers are too complex for you or that you're not smart enough.

Type the following, and then press Enter: This doesn't disable the program entirely; it simply prevents it from launching at startup. If your computer is managed by an IT department, they may have enabled this option for a reason.

There are however 2 aspects of this, both of which will be addressed in this article. Microsoft fans rejoiced when it appeared Windows 8 would boot faster than any other version of the operating system. Though you have several ways of shutting down Windows 8, none of them are quick or convenient.

Right-click the lower-left corner of your screen and select Task Manager. Click the File Explorer icon on the Desktop's taskbar. Updated December 18, Current version: The first one will work… the second, NO because you forgot the quotes. To link to this page from your website, simply cut and paste the following code to your web page. Tap or click the power button icon at the bottom-right of the screen.

Click it. Some ultra-mobile computers with Windows 8 are configured in a way that allows a proper shutdown after holding down the power button:. The easiest way to shut down Windows 8, assuming your computer is working properly, is to use the virtual power button available on the Start Screen: Type task manager on the Start screen, and click the Task Manager icon that appears on the left under Apps. These are software written by other frustrated users that mimic the old Windows start menu.

How to Disable Hybrid Boot and Shutdown in Windows 8

Tap or click the power button icon from the Start Screen. If you don't know what to name the shortcut, type "Full Shutdown" without the quotes. Great idea. On the Start screen, type power , click Settings and click the Power Options icon that appears on the left side of the screen under Settings.

When watching a p video clip in a loop using Windows Media Player on Windows 8. The second aspect is for the advanced user who, may for various reasons, need Windows 8 to be fully shut down.

The Charms bar should then pop up displaying several icons.