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As more responsibilities have been assumed by the autonomous communities in areas such as social welfare, health, and education, public expenditure patterns have seen a shift from the central government towards the communities since the s. Leading figures of the Spanish Enlightenment advocated for the building of a Spanish nation beyond the internal territorial boundaries.

Congress of the Deputies, Spain. Otherwise, the Spanish Civil Code rules in articles 2—3 and 9, that the applicable law to the matrimonial regimes is determined by:. Retrieved 1 April Retrieved 15 October The position of the Court is a little bit different.

In terms of territorial organization, the fifth transitory disposition established that the cities of Ceuta and Melilla , Spanish exclaves located on the northern coast of Africa, could be constituted as "autonomous communities" if the absolute majority of the members of their city councils would agree on such a motion, and with the approval of the Spanish Parliament, which would exercise its prerogatives to grant autonomy to other entities besides provinces.

EU citizens applying for residency in Spain may be required to produce evidence of sufficient financial means to support themselves and dependants. The amount they receive is based upon several calculations which include a consideration for population, land area, administrative units, dispersal of population, relative poverty, fiscal pressure and insularity.

Capital orders are made regarding the rules of the liquidation of the matrimonial property regimes of the Spanish Civil Code. This expression refers to the idea that some communities have particular traits, with respect to Spain as a whole.

The matrimonial property regime will be liquidated in separate court proceedings or with a notary public after the Divorce Decree. During the second half of the s, the central government seemed reluctant to transfer all competences to the "slow route" communities. The figures show that women's participation decreases as the degree of responsibility rises. Navarre [o]. How much is enough?

Cohabitation and the Unmarried Family. Joint ownership of assets. Fernando Clavijo CC. Recursos Educativos. Children are considered adults by the Court when they are 18 years old. Census town Market town. Vossiupers UvA.

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It might also consist of liquidating a Spanish property regime before the Spanish Courts if it was not decided in the foreign Divorce Decree. According to articles 7 and 9 of the Spanish Civil Code, the applicable law to maintenance obligations shall be ruled by the Hague Protocol. Table of administrative divisions by country.

After you have been registered as a resident for five years, you can apply for a certificate of permanent residence in Spain. Turkish terms for country subdivisions. French terms for country subdivisions. It is approved by a parliamentary assembly representing the community, and then approved by the Cortes Generales , the Spanish Parliament, through an "Organic Law", requiring the favourable vote of the absolute majority of the Congress of Deputies.

After a massive rally in support of autonomy, a referendum was organized for Andalusia to attain autonomy through the strict requirements of article , or the "fast route"—with UCD calling for abstention, and the main party in opposition in Parliament, the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party PSOE calling for a vote in favour.