Barbara Kean

Not to mention when Jim's probable obsession with protecting Gotham City and getting rid of corruption and organized crime really starts to take a toll. Go ahead, make my day. They eventually make a commercial for it, which leads the new Ivy to the Club, making Barbara wonder who she is.

When Barbara realised it was time to make her exit she ran towards a small box and lowered the curtain. Barbara explains that they got Ed and they could just bring him to Penguin right now. She then summons Ra's using the beacon in her hand and he arrives quickly after a few lights flicker and many of the remaining male members of the League enter.

He shoots the building and it goes up in flames with The Sirens and Sofia just narrowly escaping. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. She then begins to think that she can bring Ra's' changes in history to light and shows Tabitha a book which contains recipes for potions and incantations that are said to raise demons. While in The Iceberg Lounge, Barbara, Tabitha and Selina are confronted by one of the thugs they stole from and he demands that Penguin get rid of them.

As we know from the Batman comics, Jim Gordon will eventually have a daughter named Barbara Gordon, and she will grow up to become Batgirl.

Will Barbara Kean & Jim Gordon Break Up on 'Gotham'? They May Be Different from the Comics

After Barbara pulls a gun on Alfred, Selina gives Barbara the knife who then shoots the tyres of another car and steals Bruce's, ordering Selina to get in. Just then, Sykes got up and attempted to shoot Barbara but was shot in the head by Jim, flattering her.

Start the Conversation. Cherry tells them that The Sirens work for Penguin and that they are the problem, Barbara then shoots her in the head and exclaims they just quit working for Penguin and everyone cheers.

‘Gotham’: Why Barbara Could Be the Villain to Take Gotham City in Season 5

Barbara then asked to bump it up to two thousand and after Tabitha left the room, eventually bumped it up to three thousand. However, they were being hunted by Sykes , who was holding them captive in order to force them to work and wanted them back.

Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has. After explaining how he pulled it off, Ed told Barbara that after they had left Penguin broken and alone, they would kill him and she would get to rule his empire.

When the kids were safely left there, Barbara headed for the exit but reminded Jim that they had unfinished business. Later in the club, the families argued as Barbara and Tabitha watched on.

Gotham Almost Turned Barbara Kean Into Harley Quinn CBR

Barbara initially appeared to be a kind, caring, selfless and moral individual, as she risked her own life to save Jim, by going to Carmine Falcone and pleading for Jim's life. Just some of us get to choose how. Barbara then became the queen of Gotham's criminal underworld. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans.

Barbara thinks he's cute but Tabitha just calls him creepy.

After the Red Hood gang decapitated the statue of Penguin's late mother , he called a meeting with all the families, which Barbara attended. Into the Dark: When discussing what to do about Ra's with Tabitha, Alfred rushes in and demands to know where Ra's is.

And, in fact, while she doesn't confirm that Babs was ever intended to become Harley Quinn directly, it does still seem that she might be the DC personality the actor is talking about. Later, while Barbara is giving Tabitha her final pay cheque, Tabitha gets a call from a nervous Selina who tried to steal money from a motorcycle gang.

'Gotham': Why Barbara Could Be the Villain to Take Gotham City in Season 5

Because The A. Suddenly, Barbara hears a scream, and finds Jervis with a large cut in his throat. Later, Tabitha walks into the old, wooden safe-house calling Butch and Barbara's name, with no reply. When one of them asks where the new Demon's Head is Barbara raises her hand and shines her light at them.

Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Barbara then asks what Jim thinks of the new Lee, she simply replies with "Jim who?