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Secretary of War. Steel, demanding that over a hundred of its subsidiaries be granted corporate independence, and naming as defendants many prominent business executives and financiers. Yet Taft did not have things his own way: One classmate described him succeeding through hard work rather than being the smartest, and as having integrity.

Wynne —05 George B. La Follette , who urged Taft to say that the bill was not in accord with the party platform. Taft ruled for a 7—1 majority [v] that the processing of animals in stockyards was so closely tied to interstate commerce as to bring it within the ambit of Congress's power to regulate. A stickler for the law, Taft was less inclined to push the envelope of presidential power as Roosevelt had done; he was more of a jovial academic than a savvy party politician, and did not easily curry favor with possible political allies.

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Supreme Court. This was one of many difficulties for the Republicans in the campaign, and Wilson narrowly won re-election. Lurie argued that Taft did not receive the public credit for his policies that he should have. Taft, "Mr. The latter was its downfall. He argued that labor had a right to organize, but not boycott, and that corporations and the wealthy must also obey the law.

Sanford wrote the court's opinion, and both majority and minority Holmes, joined by Brandeis assumed that the First Amendment's Free Speech and Free Press clauses were protected against infringement by the states.

La Follette Joseph B. Taft had an easy victory in the November election, sliding in on the popularity and endorsement of predecessor Theodore Roosevelt. Taft drew the objections of three progressive Republicans and one southern Democrat. Taft followed through, removing most black office holders in the South, and made few appointments from that race in the North. After the revolution broke out, the revolt's leaders chose Sun Yat Sen as provisional president of what became the Republic of China , overthrowing the Manchu Dynasty , Taft was reluctant to recognize the new government, although American public opinion was in favor of it.

Eugene V. William Taft was 51 years old when he was inaugurated as the 27th president on March 4, ; he served for 4 years until Woodrow Wilson. Updated January 17, In , Taft became dean and Professor of Property at his alma mater , the Cincinnati Law School, a post that required him to prepare and give two hour-long lectures each week. Roosevelt had withdrawn much land from the public domain, including some in Alaska thought rich in coal.

But Taft's honeymoon period in the presidency was brief. Roosevelt's sole remaining chance was with a friendly convention chairman, who might make rulings on the seating of delegates that favored his side.

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Inadequate compensation was paid to the shareholders, and these grievances were among those which touched off the Chinese Revolution of This differed from Roosevelt, who would not remove or replace black officeholders with whom local whites would not deal.

As president of the League to Enforce Peace , Taft hoped to prevent war through an international association of nations. The Democrat was Thomas E. Strangely enough, he is one of only two Presidents buried at Arlington Cemetery.

Taft served as Chief Justice from , retiring shortly before his death in March Taft II, was mayor of Cincinnati. Not ready to purchase a subscription? You'll learn about his childhood, family, early career, and the major events of his administration.