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Click Create a Contact Group. Open the Verizon Tones app on your phone. Can I set a unique ringtone or Ringback Tone for a specific contact? You can purchase up to Ringback Tones and Playlists. Was this comment helpful? Actually, though, there are newer standards being used for cell phone audio that would allow ringbacks to sound much better now. I'd never heard of this thing until , when I moved to China.

That is a ring back tone from verizon , To stop the service you need to call your network carrier.

How to Use Guide: Verizon Tones

Some of my friends were doing this shit back in the 80s on their answering machines and voicemail cards. If the ring tone comes from the line card my pair connects to, why do I hear different ring tones based on the country I am calling?

Presumably this was a regional phenomenon? Check and uncheck boxes next to contacts you want in the group.

Delete a Ringback Tone - My Verizon Website

Linked Ringback Tones replace the standard ringing sound for your family and friends to hear when they call you. I had ONE client do this with his personal cell phone, which is what I had to call from time to time to get ahold of him.

Actually I don't Score: This is different than a ringtone, which is what you hear when your phone rings. Learn how to do this from our How to Use Guide: Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Verizon Tones. Search for "Verizon Tones". I dont know if he can, because i dont think he knows his phone isn't working If you have multiple lines on the account, select the mobile number you want to remove Ringback Tones from.

I've literally never experienced a ringback tone, unless a thousand people are trolling me with country-representative ringback tones that are identical to the normal switched network. I shouldda run it straight up to the CEO back then -- I coulda' been a contender! On most phones, Verizon Tones lets you set the purchased ringtone as your default ringtone from within the app.

I bought a ringback tone that wont default for my - Verizon Community

Kinda remember. Actually no: Click Buy. Click the X in the top-right corner to close the Edit window.

Go to your my verizon page at vzw. Over 90, ringtones and Ringback Tones are available in a wide variety of genres. Ringtones don't expire.