Supernatural season 14 preview: Sam and Mary struggle to find Dean

'Supernatural' Season 8 Premiere Recap: Sam And Dean Reunite, But What Are They Hiding?

Miller Tobin December 13, Tensions were high, aided by the fact that Dean returned with a monkey on his back in the form of PTSD, and with a literal vampire on his back in the form of Benny. Is there a surprising revelation coming? The brothers investigated a series of bank robberies and learned that a shapeshifter was pulling them off. Using his powers to torture the demon, she gives the location, but as Sam is about to drink her blood, the demon gives control to her human host, inciting immense guilt in Sam.

Sam, on the other hand, seemed to be slowly coming around to the idea that a destiny in which you were saving people wasn't such a bad thing -- but hunting was never his whole identity the way it seemed to be Dean's, illustrated in the way Sam has always been better at interpersonal communication and blending in amongst the regular folks in a way Dean never has.

As Sam begins to feel the guilt over abandoning his brother, he and Ruby capture a demon that knows Lilith's location. Top 30 Vehicles. Thematically, the episode felt nostalgic in ways that Seasons 6 and 7 purported to be but rarely ever managed. Charles Beeson January 18, Load Comments. Culturess 4 months Superstore preview: Adam Kane January 29, The brothers eventually split up, with Dean going to investigate a mystery his father has assigned him while Sam decides to search for their father elsewhere.

However, taking on the trials quickly begins "damaging" Sam, which worries Dean. As Sam drives his father and a badly wounded Dean to a hospital, a truck driven by a demon-possessed man crashes into them, totaling Dean's Impala and gravely injuring the Winchesters.

October 29, Paul Edwards November 28, However, upon receiving an emergency text from Amelia and being unable to get a hold of her, Sam tears back to Kermit.

Supernatural season 14 preview: Sam and Mary struggle to find Dean

November 19, We Need to Talk About Kevin Season 8, Episode 1 After an uneven seventh season that wrapped up a lackluster big bad in the Leviathans, this eighth season premiere, under the guidance of new showrunner Jeremy Carver, set the show on a new and more promising path. However, the angel Gadreel is called in by Dean to save Sam through any means necessary.

I feel like it's a nuanced way for Carver to reassert how different these two men are as characters, and to emphasize their opposing but equally believable ways of coping with loss and trauma.

Kim Manners September 28, But furthermore, the true mythology of the Winchesters began in this first season finale, when the Yellow-Eyed Demon — aka Azazel — possessed John and proved just how connected he was to the family.

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Robert Singer April 24, And it did it all with musical elements, too! Episode 4. Ranking the 67 Best Characters. John Shiban, Director: At the start of the series, year-old Sam is seen as a senior at Stanford, applying for law school. At an unknown location, Sam continues to fight Lucifer internally for control over his body.

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At the end of "The Purge", Sam responds to Dean's attempts to justify his decisions by saying that Dean's choices are not as selfless as Dean paints them and that he would not have done what Dean did given the same situation, which stuns Dean into silence.

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September 17, May Learn how and when to remove this template message. It was a culmination of a season-long arc about addiction that could have been a Very Special Episode if not in such capable hands as writer Sera Gamble and director Robert Singer. And the story further delivered with a surprise visit from the first Winchester owner, who made a brief return on the leather seats to deliver an important, though cryptic, mytharc message to Sam. And I'm eager to see Dean with a renewed clarity of purpose -- somewhere along the way he lost sight of the importance of the "saving people" part of the family motto and was just going through the motions, but the show wants us to remember that the world needs Sam and Dean Winchester to fight for it "with great power