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Well, what about Baby, look like you put on a few pounds there. Archived from the original on November 15, Los Angeles Times.

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Now, now, see, now that's the shit there that I'm talkin' about. Oh, honey, please.

Come on, Alline. Retrieved November 8, Except maybe for all the girlfriends. He told you that? What you laughing at, Spider?

Q&A WITH IKE TURNER : 'I Was the One Who Turned Her Into Tina Turner'

Any man can see that, but Load more quotes. Eat the cake Annie Mae. We gonna take it from the top. And when you chant, Anna, you can see things clearly.

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I done told you about, about showin' up here and, and, and startin' this mess. Phil Spector want to record with Ike and Tina. All right, then. To the fans who bought the records and concert tickets, his contribution was practically invisible. May I speak to your mother, please? Live better.

No, ma.

I don't know if they use it in the movie or not, but it sure looked good on her. When Ike Turner asked her to use his last name as an attempt to discourage Hill, Anna Mae took the offer. Guitar piano vocals.

Now, look here, if you let Anna Mae work with me He's always bookin' ahead. Turner's cocaine addiction and legal troubles, together with accounts by Tina Turner of domestic violence inflicted by him published in her autobiography I, Tina and included in its film adaptation What's Love Got to Do with It , impacted his career in the s and s.

Wait, now hold on, now. On August 5, , Turner was posthumously recognized by his hometown of Clarksdale, Mississippi.

Yeah, girl.