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But Rumours was built on that type of friction. The Buckingham-Nicks teaming brought a pile of songs with them and the difference they made to the sound was immediately evident.

It was more than just a link between different generations of California rock; it was a sincere tribute. There are two versions of the video; one features the story with members of the band appearing throughout, while the other does not feature the band at all. But it was helping us make the best music.

Touring for Fleetwood Mac by now meant private jets and all manner of preposterous demands. There was open hostility. Audible Download Audio Books. IMDb Everywhere.

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Fleetwood Mac Stevie Nicks interviews. It also reached number 45 in Australia. In , Fleetwood Mac reunited and released The Dance. Across town, prospects for the Buckingham-Nicks duo looked equally unpromising.

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In need of a guitarist, Fleetwood remembered Buckingham's track and arranged a meeting with the musician. It seemed like a pleasant revelation to have. Nicks, meanwhile, is happily single.

Stevie continued on at a prodigious rate, recording 's Mirage with Fleetwood Mac and her second solo effort, The Wild Heart , in In this archive feature from Uncut's May issue Take 72 , rock's greatest living soap opera tell the story of how they went to hell and back to bring the world some of the most popular, and most perfect, hard-centred easy listening music of all time.

I wrote it in At one point, the highly strung Buckingham thought of quitting. Forrest Gump Soundtrack. Following Rumours was never going to be easy and the double album Tusk, released in November , met with distinctly mixed reactions.

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Nothing heavy. The fear in the song is real: Hung Medien in Dutch. Somebody once said that with the money we spent on champagne on one night, they could have made an entire album. And look at the cover art, with its wistful and graceful image of the soon-to-be-couple Mick Fleetwood and Stevie Nicks.

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