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Canadian Province Abbreviations By YourDictionary Canada is the second-largest country considering total area of a country, and it is one of the wealthiest countries.

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Some continue to earn a living by hunting, fishing and trapping. Table of administrative subdivisions by country. Since Confederation in , there have been several proposals for new Canadian provinces and territories.

Terms and Conditions. Tourism, in particular, is on the rise as the Island's charm, landscapes, and golf courses entice greater numbers of visitors each year. Constructing Tomorrows Federalism: The provinces of Canada, and the Canadian provinces abbreviations land area in square kilometers are the following: Encyclopedia of the Arctic. Prince Edward Island offers a leading system of public education for its residents, beginning with Early Childhood Education programs and continuing right through to Grade A beautiful province, New Brunswick's tourism industry promotes its five main scenic drives as great road trip options: Over the following years, Manitoba , British Columbia , and Prince Edward Island were added as provinces.

Prince Edward Island is known for its natural beauty, including its km of beaches.

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Province with a Heart: Doubleday Canada. They are Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Nunavut. The boundaries of the Canadian Confederation. Kitts and Nevis St. This page was last edited on 23 February , at Alberta has five national parks, including Banff National Park, established in Sport Football - soccer: For many literature lovers, PEI is also famous as the setting for L.

Northwest Territories make up the major piece of Canada in the north; its major geographical feature is Great Bear Lake and Great Slave Lake; its climate and geography varies widely: Politics and government of Canada. Since then, Anne of Green Gables has been adapted for the stage, musicals, movies, television series, and movies.

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The Niagara region is known for its vineyards, wines and fruit crops. This box: Quebec is the only province to be predominantly French-speaking, and about half of the French speakers live in and around Montreal; the Quebec region is sparsely occupied by First Nations people.

The majority of Saskatchewan's population live in the southern half of the province, especially in Saskatoon and Regina. Under Canadian Law, all provinces and territories must provide universal, publicly funded health care to all citizens and legal residents of Canada. New Brunswick is Canada's only constitutionally bilingual province.