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You put me to shame though! This look soooo cute. Carbohydrate Choice 4. Teddy-at-the-Beach Cupcakes. Meringue Kisses. Thanks for sharing Kelly. Thanks for the tutorial. Comment Name Email Website. Hold onto the lollipop stick, then dip the cake ball into the melted chocolate, all the way down to the stick. Pinch center and wrap the 3 inch piece around center. You can find lollipop sticks in craft stores and baking supply stores. OMG — these are absolutely adorable!! Add some gumpaste to the fondant.

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For example, if your made chocolate-flavored cake pops, use milk chocolate chips. Orecchiette with Crudaiola Sauce https: Thanks for showing them to us and the chocolate chip ears!!! I am very happy! The cake,or brownies or cookies taste bad. Rate and Comment.

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Very creative!! It was the first time I ever made them and I thought of you actually! Too cute for words! Flatten the balls into slight ovals. Thanks for sharing. Keep crumbling the cake until there are no large chunks left. Sign up.

Be careful not to squish the cake into dough, however. No…not cuter but a tie.

Melt white candy melts in a plastic container. More Posts. You May Also Like: Newer Comments. Step 2: