Sweaty Palms?

On the TrueBlue Autobelays at my local wall the resistance kicks in immediately and builds rapidly to a constant speed descent. Establish a routine that includes all the proper safety checks. Jeremy Wicker. As long as the climber climbs free up the wall, the device automatically selects slopes of the sling.

Auto belays for climbing Warwick Sport

I wish I could say the same about some of my human belayers. Head Rush Summer Recap Request new password. They're not going to win any awards for innovation, but they're rock solid. Prep Basketball Team Forfeits over Safety Fears An associate varsity basketball coach had to make the decision to forfeit a game over the weekend after a common foul devolved into an unsafe environment for his team.

The programme has been written for an American audience so descriptions of marked routes and the grading system will differ. Wise words, decking would not help! They are fully certified and the Head Rush Trublue has never failed.

The Trublue lowers you all the way to the ground. I have never been dropped by an auto-belayer. And, Zimmerman adds, the number of new products entering the North American market in response to the Redpoint recall is making it that much harder for climbing wall owners to make informed decisions with regard to safety or maintenance - or any of the other issues that most of them were completely unaware of until the moment MSA issued its stop-use notice.

Follow Us on Social facebook twitter youtube linkedin instagram. First introduced by Extreme Engineering and Spectrum Sports Int'l and still distributed by those companies, as well as by wall manufacturers Nicros Inc.

Distributors Find a Distributor. The way you use auto belays with these users would, theoretically, be different than the avid climber who uses the gym for training purposes. Courses Terms and Conditions. The most common cause of auto belay related injury is not using the auto belay and forgetting to clip in.

TRUBLUE Auto Belay

One of the initial auto belay systems has been removed from the market due to failures that resulted in injury. I have climbed on both. Empty stuff. From my understanding of how they work the fastest speed you can reach is the speed you hit the ground from when you have jumped off the top.

Keep 'er Movin'. News blog Shop Assistant Vacancy. It is important that when you are using them that you have no loose or hookable loops on your clothing which may cause an entrapment issue. To that end, the course participants consisted of many similarly minded individuals who manage, work in and own climbing facilities, and want to be sure that the instructors meet a standard of instructional safety and ability that is consistent with the industry recommendations for operations and program instruction.

The majority of our revenue in the facility I manage comes from the programs and clinics rather than the membership or day pass climbers.

In our facility, we emphasize educating our users. In reply to keith-ratcliffe: Why Use an Auto Belay? They will instruct you in how to safely use the auto belay device in their specific setup.

I like them though, they don't allow me to sit back and be lazy on a climb and Xscape in Castleford is two minutes round the corner from me, so even though it's far from a perfect venue if I fancy something that isn't bouldering and it's wet out, I don't need to sort out a partner.