Hockey Safety Rules and Instructions

Typical Dress of the Day. Alcohol is not permitted in or outside parking lot of the Arena s. A penalty shot is awarded to restore a lost scoring opportunity. Thanks for tips, but I'm not stupid either. Unless the puck is in the goal crease, a player of the attacking team may not stand in, have their stick in, or skate through the goal crease while the attacking team has possession of the puck.

Out of Bounds: Pages Calendar Messages Activities. Goalies are required to wear a helmet, and chest protector.

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Quick release 2. Teams are allowed to substitute for that person.

Goalie Interference: Any team substitute, which interferes with the play while sitting or standing on, or near, the bench will receive a two 2 minute interference penalty. Raising the stick above the shoulder while playing the ball is illegal.

Snapshots rule the day in ball hockey. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. The NHL rules are slightly different from those used in Olympic ice hockey over many categories. The off-side rule, which is designed to prevent a player from getting an advantage by staying up the field ahead of the ball and ahead of fewer than two members of the opposing team, was dropped after the Olympics.

The basketball boundaries will be used as boundaries for the game. For the slap shot, you don't need a huge wind up, just strike the ground inches behind the ball.

All team managers and players are responsible for reading this document and understanding the rules, policies, and procedures prior to participating in this activity. Fitness Test Information.

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If repeated by anyone on the same team, the slap shot will be penalized with a 2-minute penalty. There are many types of hockey such as bandy , field hockey and ice hockey. Play is started and restarted after a goal is scored and after half-time by a pass-back in the centre of the field.