Open questions: What is there left for cell biologists to do?

10 Of The World's Most Fascinating Unsolved Problems

Development and evolution of brain. Stephanie 16 4.

The general concept of apoptosis was first described by German scientist Karl Vogt in I recently heard a claim that Asians in general have more difficult births than Europeans. Is this true? There are a number of hypotheses why senescence occurs including those that it is programmed by gene expression changes and that it is the accumulative damage of biological processes.

Related Questions Do you have lots of questions unanswered right now in your life? It proceeds to make a few awkward What is the basis of semantic meaning?

However, during somatic cell nuclear transfer, the nucleus is In an article about the latest earthquake to strike Mexico, I read that a rescuer said to someone in a gurney, "Fight for your life, please! Can Wasps smell fear? Could this lifespan Cell size How do cells determine what size to grow to before dividing? Some scholars liken the activities of the mind to the way a computer processes information. Question about genetic recombination I am having some difficulty understanding a few things about genetic recombination, in part because of confusion from different diagrams in books.

We also learned that commercial crops, especially fruit, are often You can undoubtedly think of many questions: Is there any It is unlikely that the planet's tax payers will be willing to pay for enough cell biologists to investigate every last intriguing invertebrate or bizarre bikont, and thus future work is likely to focus on particular key cells types, especially those found in tax payers themselves.

10 Of The World’s Most Fascinating Unsolved Problems

Is there a clear boundary between carbon-based life and Artificial life? I know that there are microfossils, but not if we can we know about the organelles, genetics or macromolecules of the cells that left them behind. Put simply, imagine that your brain is a computer and your mind is the operational system that it runs.

But why do platelets have MHC1s if they have no nucleus either? And what can we do to improve the quality of sleep by adjesting our body tempurature? Here's an example from a I'm interested in the effect of increased calorie intake on sex hormones and chosen mating strategy in humans.

Share Tweet Email. Make a contribution. So not only is the understanding of the human brain of fundamental and urgent importance, but at least some researchers believe that it is attainable within the next decade or so. I am interested in knowing evolution of malaria. To me, this seems quite