In pet rescue level you have to “drive” the 3 wire creator machines to the last line of the screen in order to Pet Rescue Saga Level Walkthrough Video.

Pet Rescue Saga Level TRICKS and SNEAK PEEKS to help you pass ALL Levels FAST Pet Rescue Saga Level 2 (level design changed 7th March ).

Suggested Pet Rescue Saga Resources from the Blogging Witches: Weather Alert All Pet rescue Level Videos can be found via the Pet Rescue Saga level video . Farm Heroes Saga Level Guides – these sneak peeks will HELP you PASS.

Target: Save 6 pets Get points Pet Rescue Level Tips Your first objective should be to gain a rocket booster clearing large cluster of blocks. Don't .

Target: Rescue 5 Pets in 25 moves Get Points Pet Rescue Level Tips Release as more pets as you can from their pet boxes Can't beat Level ?.

TIP: In Pet Rescue Saga Level we have 2 videos for you to show you 2 ways how to pass PRS level In the first video you can see while removing.

These Pet Rescue level cheats and tips will help you beat level of Pet Rescue. The objective of Pet Rescue level is to save 7 pets.

TIPS FOR PET RESCUE SAGA LEVEL First don't say it looks so easy cause it's not – took me several lives to pass this hard level. Your task is to get the .

All Pet rescue Level Videos can be found via the Pet Rescue Saga are popular guides with lots of written tricks and Pet rescue Saga Tips:

Pet Rescue level 's goal: Rescue 6 Pets and get points. Read our tips, watch our video & beat Pet Rescue Saga level