Classic large caliber double barrel pistol in the English gunsmith school style, used at close range to stop tigers which commonly leaped upon elephants carrying.

Double barrel caliber (13mm) howdah pistol made in Germany. Breech of the same pistol open for loading. This particular weapon was made for a left-handed user. The howdah pistol was a large-calibre handgun, often with two or four barrels, used in India By the late 19th century, top-break revolvers in more practical calibres (such.

With twin barrels packing a one-two wallop, this big-bore pistol was popular with Europeans exploring Pedersoli Howdah Hunter Ga. Pistol. Regular Price: $ Item: IK Black-Powder-Pistol Buyer's Guide ยท Firearm Services.

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Hush or Howl by Black Pistol Fire, released 25 September 1. Alabama Cold Cock 2. Dimestore HeartThrob 3. Baby Ruthless 4. You Turn To Cry 5. Hipster.

H&R Self Loading ACP caliber pistol. Beautiful Herrington and Richardson. 25 cal self-loader. This is gem of a auto pistol. Excellent bore, perfect grips.

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I suspect however what you really want to discuss semi auto pistols. Most of the early semi auto pistols were made based on a fixed barrel design.